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Spotlighting Latina Owned Experience Makers: We Are Women Owned

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Pop Up Girls is proudly celebrating LatinX Heritage Month from September 15th - October 15th. Join us as we highlight different experience makers in the New York area.

We Are Women Owned (WAWO) is a community cultivated by eternal optimist Lisa Nicole Rosado. It's a space where female small business owners can gather to support one another. The community, events and service based platform at WAWO encourages female entreprenurship in the best way possible, through collaboration and connection.

The membership community at We Are Women offers unique services to foster growth for small businesses. Versed in e-commerce and committed to female entrepreneurial success, WAWO has recently shifted to virtual events. Traction and success from previous virtual pop ups this year has sparked inspiration for the latest event on the WAWO Calendar.

Community oriented and a proud Latina, Lisa is elated to be hosting a Latina Owned Virtual Pop Up this month.

WAWO will be showcasing 100 Latina - Owned Businesses. Brands included will vary from product to service-based.

As the list of applications is narrowed down, the team revels in anticipation of what will be an incredible month of experiences from & for these Latina entrepreneurs. The virtual pop-up goes live at noon, and it is free to peruse all that these amazing brands have to offer!

Spotlight Interview Snippets

"Find your community", she says to fellow Latina entrepreneurs as she reflects on how being a business owner can be isolating at times. Especially for women, and PoC small business owners, resources, funding, and support are often times more challenging to access. It's important to find like minded people who are going to support you and the journey you're on.

For babes interested in curating communities, Lisa stresses the importance of networking. DM's, emails or hopping on a Zoom call are all convenient ways to network during this pandemic. These actions allow for building new relationships and maintaining ones that are already established.

"People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it...", here Lisa references Simon Sinek to show that the founder is many times as important as the product. As the We Are Women Owned movement grows, she has seen an increasing number of "women celebrating the fact that they are women, in business doing amazing things." Lisa encourages being visible as a founder in your brand.

For the full Spotlight on We Are Women Owned, check out our YouTube interview linked above.

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