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We're the squad's official planners 😘

We curate the good times, so all you have to do is roll up and enjoy the vibes.


Nickname: Cece


Origin: New York City


Favorite Pop Up: Stella Artois East River Riviera


Origin: Manila


Favorite Pop Up: Cheetos House of Flamin' Haute


Nickname: Momo


Origin: Spanish Town


Favorite Pop Up:

The Maybelline House

You've got that one friend in your crew who's always on top of planning, right? That's Pop Up Girls in a nutshell. We're not just your average brand; we're a multimedia powerhouse dedicated to giving you the ultimate scoop on all things NYC. We've tackled everything from axe throwing in Chinatown to diving into a 4-hour rug-making class (trust us, it was a blast). Our mantras? “My vibe right now is just living life” (best read in Kourtney K.’s voice) and "Life's short, eat the cake." Through our platforms, we're here to show you exactly how to rock both those philosophies and squeeze every drop of excitement out of life.

Haven't seen us in our element yet? ↓ 


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