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Mapping a path to social wellness in America's most populous city

Cat Lantigua, a community architect has been a consistent advocate of using the internet for good. What started as a 4 person meet up in her Brooklyn apartment has now evolved into the social wellness community your soul has been searching for - the sisterhood now known as Goddess Council.

It may seem surreal to some, but those of us who have lived in NYC long enough can say with conviction we know the feeling of being sad and unhappy due to social isolation.

As socially wired individuals, Cat emphasizes the importance of being consciously and actively practicing social wellness. What used to be an IRL sisterhood, Goddess Council has transitioned beautifully into a virtual space and continues to be a hub for, as Cat put it, "women seeking deep connections, real conversations, healing and joy".

"Our relationships with women are what propels us..." states Cat in our Zoom chat.

Recently, Goddess Council launched its membership platform, and while not as easy to join as Bumble BFF or Instagram, the benefits can be more fruitful. Cat understands and values the weight of responsibilities regarding her role as a community facilitator. Her and her team are committed to creating an inviting and safe space for women who truly want to take charge of their own social wellbeing.

Cat's Top Tips for Future Community Facilitators

1. Whether or not you join Goddess Council, it is important to ensure you're engaging with the right kind of women. These are ones aligned with your mission, uplifting you along the way, and keeping you grounded.

2. Clarity is key. Let the naysayers say nay, but "try not to doubt your greatness", know that there are many communities that NEED to exist. Clarifying your "Who, What, and Why" will guide you in the necessary steps to create a plan and help you manifest those aspirations.

3. Entrepreneurship is not easy, especially when you have no handouts to receive. As you shape your life, mindfully cultivate new resources, engage in new endeavors, and remember it is ultimately up to you to "use the internet intentionally". Especially as it pertains to your growth, goals, and social wellbeing.

Cat Lantigua shares an abundance of wisdom in our latest interview as well as in her podcast Chats With Cat. Join her, and us, as we actively realize becoming our better selves.


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