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Uncovering Uncover More with Arianna Sartzetakis

Uncover More is "your curated guide to the ins and outs of making the most of life".

Uncover More's inception stemmed from a college commuter's interest in seeking fun activities to do in her neighborhood. While we all love a good college tailgate, if you're here you might agree that pop ups can be an even more fun experience.

Now a full time Finance professional, Arianna's rolodex of activities has blossomed into much more. Her website, Uncover More, has become one of New York City's best resources for maximizing your time in the big apple. Uncover More's main goal is to aid "New York Locals and Non-New Yorkers alike to get out of their comfort zones and make time for themselves" in any capacity.

Upon exploration of the site, you'll also find guides to other cities in the US like Houston and NOLA, and some European cities too. If you'd like the short and sweet guide to search for all things pop ups, food/art experiences, and neighborhood friendly fun @uncovermore's instagram is the way to go.

Many business, especially smaller local brands have had to adjust their business models due to the global pandemic including Uncover More. Understanding the struggles first hand, Arianna has made the conscious decision in her daily life, as well as with the brand, to support smaller local owned businesses and use her platform to spotlight them.

Virtual World - If you're not too keen on

ending your quarantine, every third Thursday of the month you can join a Zoom virtual happy hour with Uncover More. Perks include making new friends and getting the DL on virtual experiences in the pop up world.

For the comprehensive interview and some of Arianna's best Brooklyn tips, watch our interview with Arianna on Youtube.

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