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Pop Up Girls interview with Liana Pavene of TTYL!

Pop Up Girls interview with Liana Pavene of TTYL

NYC native and digital wellness coach, Liana Pavene, founded TTYL to create a

“tech free community dedicated to human connection.”

Yearning for the simplicity of childhood activities such as game nights, having friends over and chit-chatting, the concept for TTYL blossomed. The push to develop the brand stemmed from Liana's own relationship with technology and wanting to return to her childhood roots in which her parents adhered to a "Healthy Tech" lifestyle.

As of July 2020 more than 50% of the worlds global population is online and the USA alone has more than 2.4 million users. While our lives are interconnected with technology - work, school, entertainment, news... her pop ups focus on reconnecting with oneself as well as with others around us.

A typical TTYL event involves checking your phone at the door and engaging in some of your fave childhood activities such as board games, coloring, sculpting play dough and much more.

Some snack and sips are also sprinkled in for adult fun.

What's not to love about a nostalgic tech free night?

Adapting during this pandemic, TTYL has refined their online presence. Liana continues to be accessible to her digital wellness community by hosting TTYL Slumber Parties via IGTV and a Digital Wellness Week where you can take a digital summer vacation.

Liana's road to entrepreneurship has been speckled with challenges, compromising on ideas, learning new skills like crowdfunding, marketing, building a brand, and tuning out unwanted advice.

As a woman in business she advises sticking to your vision, and believing in what you're building regardless of the obstacles you may encounter.

Pop Up Girls Wellness Tips

Be mindful of your tech use, especially as it relates to social media.

Try to seek friends over followers, engage with brands and users that are pleasing and align with your goals.

As TTYL continues to grow Liana looks forward to TTYL's online Slumber Parties shared with some fantastic cohosts, engaging with her community by providing wellness services and access to digital wellness goodies via her ETSY Shop!

Check out the full interview for more insight on what it takes to be an awesome Pop Up-Prenuer!


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