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The Ultimate Bucket List of NYC Fall Activities

Embrace the crisp breeze, vibrant foliage, and spooky season with these must-do NYC fall activities.

The city's heartbeat changes as the air turns crisper and the streets become a canvas of warm hues. It's time to dive into the heart of fall with a selection of NYC's most enticing activities. From hidden gems to iconic experiences, this fall bucket list has you covered for a season of discovery and delight.

dragon sculpture made up of illuminated jack o lanterns
Photo Courtesy of The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze

In New York, you can have your pick of festival vibes. Want cider-sipping, flannel-wearing, local fair vibes? We got you. How about somewhere you can celebrate the Day of the Dead? Por Supuesto! Check out our Ultimate Guide to Fall Festivals here.

2. Bottoms Up at a Beer Garden

Some beer gardens in NYC feel like a secret garden (IE. Loreley Beer Garden), while others transport you into the heart of Oktoberfest (IE. Watermark’s Annual Oktoberfest). TBH you can’t go wrong with either.

Though you can do this year-round there's something about dressing up in your cutest fall fit to catch a show that just feels magical. We recently saw Sweeney Todd on Broadway and trust us, it is the PERFECT spooky season date night.

A 40-foot pitch-black maze in the middle of Queens, a ghost tour in a cemetery, and a dollhouse nightmare IRL, are only some of the scariest things you can do in NYC this fall. See our list of 13 of NYC’s scariest here.

5. Eat Your Way Through a Night Market

These days every borough (except SI) has a night market. You can eat your way around the world at these 4 markets…

  1. Bronx Night Market (The last one EVER on 10/28)

  2. Brooklyn Night Market

  3. Queens Night Market

  4. Uptown Night Market (Unfortunately, this one ends early in the season, but including it here to put on your radar 😉)

If you’re coming here from our Tiktok or Instagram, you’ll know that “do it for the ‘gram” is basically our life motto. Naturally, we made guides on the best places for those fall pics and fall decor hunting.

The sacred weekend ritual of every millennial gets upgraded every October to feature spooky drinks, menus, and decor. We got you covered on the best spots to indulge in Brunch, Booze, and Boos.

As soon as the first chilled breeze hits the city everyone and their mama flock to Long Island for pumpkin picking (and apple cider donuts). Here’s our roundup of the best places to pick a pumpkin, snap a cute fall pic, and drink some cider.

One of New York’s best-kept fall secrets is the stunning fall foliage train rides you can take Upstate. Save yourself the hassle of having to google it and check out our Fall Foliage Train Ride guide for the most scenic journeys in NY.

Though we often associate Long Island with apples and pumpkins, it’s severely underrated for being one of the best places to capture gorgeous fall foliage photos. Here’s our leaf-peeping bucket list, complete with the best LI fall photos to grace the gram.

11. Party with a Spooky Twist

A city whose nickname is “the city that never sleeps” is bound to have amazing nightlife options for Halloween. Just about every club, bar, restaurant, and hole-in-the-wall is doing something, here are a few you may want to check out…

From tarot readings to makeshift pumpkin patches in Brooklyn, and even illuminated jack o’lantern trails, New York City offers a wide array of fall events, including some you might never have imagined. Like the angels that we are 👼, we keep all the fun organized and updated for you on our events calendar.

13. Scary Screening

Netflix and Chill is so last season, if you really want to impress your date take them to see a movie in a unique venue that they can brag about to their friends. Here are some spooky screening suggestions...

When it comes to autumn, Upstate New York is the place to be. Beyond the limits of NYC lies a wonderland of fall foliage, haunted houses, wine tastings, waterfalls, and many more attractions. Check out our guide to Upstate during the fall season to maximize your journey up north.

Remember that New York City is brimming with possibilities during the fall, and these activities are just the tip of the autumnal iceberg. Be sure to check for specific event details, timings, and any required reservations in advance to make the most of your fall adventure in NYC.

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