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Where to Take the Best NYC Fall Pics

A Millennial's Guide to Snapping NYC Fall Pics Worth the 'Gram!

If you thought fall was all about apple cider donuts and cozy scarves, think again (okay I mean you’re kind of right, but there’s more we swear). We're about to drop the ultimate guide to take your NYC fall pics to an Aespa-level next level 💁‍♀️. Grab your phone and your fiercest 'tude, and get ready to level up your fall feed.

Central park with its trees yellow and green, the street lights illuminated and the ground full of orange leaves

With its waterfront views, gardens, and historical monuments, The Battery provides a unique blend of autumn beauty and city charm.

Nestled on the Upper East Side, this park offers a peaceful escape with beautiful paths lined with trees dressed in their fall finest.

With its iconic pathways, colorful foliage, and serene lakes, Central Park is a prime spot for capturing the essence of autumn in the heart of the city.

Located in Fort Tryon Park, this museum features medieval architecture and serene gardens that are particularly enchanting during the fall season.


The cobblestone streets and the view of the Manhattan Bridge from DUMBO offer a perfect setting for capturing the charm of fall.

Its lush green spaces burst into a kaleidoscope of autumn hues, creating a serene and colorful landscape for visitors to enjoy.

Aside from The Cloisters, this park features lush gardens and wooded areas that offer a serene escape within the city.

This Long Island City park transforms into a picturesque oasis, with its riverside promenades adorned by vibrant foliage, providing a stunning backdrop to the Manhattan skyline.

This elevated park boasts stunning views of the city and the Hudson River, surrounded by trees that transform into a vibrant palette of fall colors.

With its unique floating gardens surrounded by the rich, warm tones of autumn leaves, Little Island offers a tranquil escape amidst the bustling city.

Brooklyn's answer to Central Park, Prospect Park features meadows, woodlands, and a serene lake, all perfect for fall photography.

Follow the Hudson River along Riverside Park's paths, capturing the Hudson River, foliage, and the city skyline.

Capture the vibrant autumn hues along the charming cobblestone streets of West Village, framed by the historic brownstones and tree-lined avenues.

You're officially prepared to conquer the season like the most influential New Yorker. From Central Park's leafy glamour to the The Battery's waterfront views, your Insta grid is about to undergo a fall makeover that will make it the perfectly irresistible fall envy of all your followers.

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