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Pop Into Candytopia: A Review of the Reopened Experience

Everything you need to know before purchasing tickets to this sweet experience in NYC.

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Before we get started, we have two disclaimers:

A. We did not visit with kids, so any kid-friendliness assessment is just based on observation

B. Though we attended an early preview this post is not sponsored

Alright now on to the review! We aren’t ones for dragging out a review so we’ll break this into 3 sections: general information, audience (adult vs kid friendly), and cost vs value comparison.

General Information

Candytopia, in their own words, is a “one-of-a-kind sensory experience, centered around one of life’s most wonderful pleasures: candy.” The 24,000 square foot space is located at 111 West 32nd Street. Tickets are currently available through the end of July and run from $29 for children ages 4-12, and $36 for adults. Kids 3 and under enter for free.

Audience (Kids vs Adults)

We’ll start from the adult perspective; this is perfect for influencers who need to freshen up their feed or candy aficionados. There are endless photo opportunities, which could be great for couples too. There is always someone from the staff around to take your photo and there’s some QR-code activated cameras as well. In our opinion, there are a few ways they could make it better for adult-only groups, but we’ll go over that in the next section. Kids, we imagine, will be quite content with the marshmallow pit, zip-lining, swings, and candy in every room. They even accept party reservations so you can make your kid the coolest in their class.

Cost vs Value

At almost $30 per child and $36 for adults, like everything else in New York, it’s pricey. However, given the location and offerings we do believe it’s well worth taking your little one. As just an adult-date, we wish it were a little more interactive. Maybe some simple candy-making workshops, blind taste-testing, etc. If you’re not the “do it for the gram” type friends, then New York offers better ways to spend your dollars.

This pop up is best for families with young ones or the friends with the aesthetically curated feeds. Have you been yet? If not, will you visit? Let us know why or why not in the comments!

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