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Rise of the Claw Games: 3 Claw Game Cafes in Flushing

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

It seemed like all at once Flushing was flowing with cutely designed arcades with one focus: claw games.

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1. PARTEA NYC (formerly Playdate)

135-29 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, map

The first to appear on the set, offering the cutest friend-date activity since Toto (RIP), was Par Tea. When you enter Par Tea you enter an eatery inspired by Taiwanese night markets. Equipped with snacks, sandwiches, and boba (their chicken sandwich is the unspoken highlight). Beyond the eating area you'll find two rows of claw machines with a variety of cute plushies. At the back you'll also find some Arcade Hoops adding more of an arcade feel to the place.

2. Sweet Cats Cafe & Arcade

35-21 Farrington, Queens, map

Sweet Cats Cafe is just across Northern Blvd, away from the hustle and bustle of the Main Street-Roosevelt Ave area but still close to all public transportation. This overflowing-in-pink cafe is two floors of arcade games and photo ops. There's a cafe at the front of the store and ample seating located on the lower level.

3. Anime Claw

133-20 39th Ave, Queens, map

Anime Claw, is the only one to not have a cafe counterpart (but in Flushing do they really need it?). This spot, in my claw-game skill lacking opinion, is the most beginner-friendly of the three. The staff really went out of their way to teach us the know how and help us win cute plushies.

What do you think of these heavily claw machine focused arcades? A phase? Or here to stay? They've taken Flushing by storm and now it seems the wave is spreading with a new spot recently opening in Astoria!

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