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Netflix's Cursed and AR Experience Review

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Last week our Pop Up Girls team was graced with an early access look at the new Netflix series Cursed. The fantasy geek inside me backflipped and volunteered as a tribute.

As a whole the series, it's watchable…

I'd give it a generous 6 out of 10, if you’re full of youthful enthusiasm you’ll love it.

What It’s About...

Cursed carries us back to the mythological, medieval times of King Authur. However, instead of the same stale tale, the creators have positioned the lead as the feared, feminist Nimue (more traditionally known as the Lady of the Lake). Formidable since birth, she is selected by The Hidden to lead and protect her people but refuses. The universe has a way of well, getting its way and so the story unfolds…

Augmented Reality Experience via smartphone

At Discover Cursed fans and first timers alike are sent on a quest of self-discovery similar to many of the shows characters. Your gifts/powers and what you choose to do with them will define your destiny. Through the AR Experiences you’ll get to see what you’d look like when calling to The Hidden. Grow or destroy the world around you using those gifts and embrace the mighty Sword of Power which in the wrong hands can facilitate a formidably unimaginable revolution.

From conception to completion you can follow along the developmental process. Acclaimed screenwriter Thomas Wheeler and comic book legend Frank Millers shepherd us through the creative process and even unveil rough sketches. The ever-excited cast join zoom interviews and share how they prepared to convey their roles on screen and much more.

In case you missed the story of Arthur in school they’ve also put together a mini history lesson on how the classical mythology is intertwined with Cursed as a contemporary piece.

Things We Love Love Love!

More than a female lead, Nimue is female lead that’s running her own show. Played by Katherine Langford she seeks and embraces counsel, protection and friendships from women instead of bending to society’s typical dependency on men.

Though still struggling with angst, she stays committed to her goals and quickly learns that sometimes you gotta take what you want if nobody’s willing to give it to you. Especially if your existence is threatened.

Costumes, set design and makeup were all superb! Creating a proper transportation to a fantasy land.

Character Development

Honestly, this bit was kind of slow to start but they do redeem the plot line by the end of this 10-part series. There’s a sound job of foreshadowing without giving too much away. Unveiled in doses are the causes that have shaped the characteristics of key players.

Symbolism and Themes Galore!

· Us vs. Them

· Self-loathing and betrayal of one’s community

· Greed

· Pillages, sieges & slaughter in the name of good or god

· Corrupt, incompetent government officials

And so much more you'll need to watch for yourself to find out

We’re on the Fence About…

How or why Nimue is the only fairy with powers. Like, what is the point scripting a series with a multitude characters of Fey/Fairy ancestry with no powers… And if no powers why not grant them swanky skills? Most of the Fey might as well have been man blood.

Maybe we'll be graced with answers in Season 2


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