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DIY Mochi Cat Donut Kit + Giveaway

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

You can now re-create The Dough Club's signature mochi cat donuts from the comfort of your home! This at home experience couldn't be easier or more affordable. Read to the end to find out how you can try this experience out for free!

This kit includes:

4- Ready to paint mochi donut

2- Containers of chocolate (pink or white and dark)

1- Container of almonds

1- Drawing stick

1- Instruction manual

The donuts and other necessary ingredients come packaged neatly in The Dough Club's signature beautifully design donut box. *If we can fangirl for a second* The box itself is gorgeous!

The box inside and out has a light pink marble design with a glossy finish to it that gives the feel of a real marble. On the front top of the box is the simple and cute logo of The Dough Club. I love a cute packaging so the box elevated the whole DIY experience for me.

Moving on from the box obsession, the instructions couldn't be more clear and simple! And the whole experience would have gone smoother had I had a microwave...

I know, I know its the 21st century, I should have a microwave. But sadly I don’t so… I quick google searched how to melt chocolates without a microwave. I followed the double boiler method, which arguably is not my strong suit but I was determined!

When I was melting the white chocolate I thought it was already smooth and silky so I took it off the heat (Spoiler Alert: it was not ready!) and then continued with the instructions. Unfortunately, since the chocolate was still quite thick it was not able to stick onto the doughnut. Nevertheless that didn’t stop me, I continued on with the process by scooping the chocolate and speckling it onto the donut as smooth as possible.

The kit comes with either white and dark chocolate or pink chocolate. Though I got the former, I still wanted to add color by adding pandan extract (yes I used pandan in my last DIY and yes I love it haha). The color came out a cute pastel green, but just a heads up adding the extracts makes the chocolate a bit stiff and dry.

After drawing the faces comes the moment of truth...

Although the cats didn’t come out as I had hoped for (due to my microwave debacle), they still came out looking cute and each one have their own pur-sonalities. 😼

I had a blast with this DIY making experience and I would highly recommend doing this with your kids, family, and friends. My family all enjoyed my funny creation and it's an enjoyable activity for some family bonding.

Special thanks to The Dough Club and Konveny for sending me this kit! You can order

your own DIY Cat Donut Kit through the asian grocery delivery service Konveny.

Want to try it for free? Enter our Instagram giveaway!


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