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Brooklyn Pasta Lab At Home Pasta Kit

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

As a pasta lover, there’s nothing more comforting and satisfying than holding a big bowl of pasta in your hand and devouring it like it’s nobody’s business. Making your own pasta and pasta sauce can be fun and therapeutic, but sometimes you just don’t have the time (or are feeling lazy like me). That’s why we decided to try out the at-home pasta kit by Brooklyn Pasta Lab! 

Brooklyn Pasta Lab is a food delivery service that offers pasta kits with various flavor, desserts, ricotta cheese and focaccia. All of their products are homemade and they come out with a new delivery menu every Sunday night! 

Now, I’m going to walk you through our experience ordering and making the pasta!

First, I emailed my orders. Then they sent me an email back asking for my delivery address, phone number, food allergies and the time and date I’d like it to be delivered. Once I sent back my response, they emailed back with a confirmation along with their Venmo info. Their Venmo is password protected so I know I’m not sending money to the wrong account. One thing I really appreciate is that the prices on the menu are all inclusive, meaning the taxes and delivery fee are included already! No need to worry about paying more than expected (which happens SO often). Then they asked if I prefer being contacted via email or text because they send out a message 15-20 min before they arrive. And now comes the hardest part, I have to wait! I hate waiting but this one was definitely worth it!  

Finally, it’s Wednesday and our kit has arrived! Look at this beauty! Aside from our spicy rigatoni pasta kit, we also received tomato and oregano focaccia along with ricotta cheese! Let me tell you, the focaccia and ricotta combo really blew my mind!

The ricotta was rich but not too heavy.

The bread was full of aroma from oregano, tomatoes and the flour itself. When you combine the two and put it in your mouth, ugh I can’t get enough! I remember I had just eaten lunch right before the kit arrived but the bread and cheese was so good that I couldn’t stop eating! I had to ask my roommates to physically take them away from me or else I would’ve finished it in one sitting without a doubt. 

After being pulled away from the bread and cheese, I got started on the main business, making the pasta! 

 The pasta comes in a paper box, the spicy vodka sauce in a plastic container, the instructions on a piece of paper and my favorite, a mini chunk of parmesan cheese( it’s so cute!) comes wrapped in wax paper. 

The Rigatoni dish was super easy to make. All I had to do was boil a big pot of water, season it with some salt, then dump in the pasta. Next, I let it boil for 4-6 minutes and while that was cooking, I went ahead and heated the sauce in a pan.

Once the pasta cooked, I added it into the sauce and mixed them together. I then  placed it in a bowl, topped it with some grated parmesan and Viola! 

I honestly love this kit because it took me less than 10 minutes to cook and it tasted SO SO GOOD! The kit is supposed to feed two but I finished everything by myself because it was too good to share! If you’re also a pasta lover who wants to save time without sacrificing taste, this kit is perfect for you! Head over to their Instagram @BrooklynPastaLab and follow them to make sure you don’t miss out on their next menu! 


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