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Magic Hour: The Best Adult Playground for Halloween in NYC

Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Magic Hour's Halloween Pop-Up Experience

If you thought NYC had already unveiled all its extravagant spooky season delights, think again, because Magic Hour's "Pink Pumpkin Patch" is here to redefine your notions of Halloween glamour. Imagine this: You, holding your enchanting elixir, striking a pose amidst Magic Hour's iconic sexy bunnies, all within a pink pumpkin patch, with the magnificent Manhattan skyline as your backdrop. Ready to embrace the enchantment? Let's dive deeper into the world of Magic Hour and what makes it the ultimate Halloween destination.

A hot pink bench with a orange, red, and pink floral arrangement mixed with painted pumpkins to it's side and a pink human-like bunny statue in front of it
Photo Courtesy of Magic Hour

Before We Spill the Tea (disclaimer):

The lovely team at Magic Hour hooked us up to check out their Pink Pumpkin Patch, but we will still be serving up nothing but the honest tea in this review.

We aren’t ones for dragging out a review so we’ll break this into 3 bite-size sections: General Information, Food and Drinks, and Halloween Ambiance.

Grab Your Ghouls: All The General Info You May Covet

📍: Moxy NYC Times Square, 485 7th Ave 18th floor, New York, NY, map

The Usual: Magic Hour is a renowned rooftop bar and lounge located in New York City. Known for its unique and playful atmosphere, Magic Hour offers an adult playground experience featuring a whimsical carnival theme. Guests can enjoy specialty cocktails, delectable bites, and stunning views of the city, all while being surrounded by quirky decor, such as a rotating carousel seating.

The Halloween Special: Feast your eyes on hundreds of pink pumpkins, corn stalks, and whimsical pink wheelbarrows. It's a brand-new photo sensation, brimming with spine-tingling treats and spellbinding cocktails. Walk-ins are warmly welcomed, but for the full enchanting experience, reservations are highly recommended. The Pink Pumpkin Patch is here to captivate your senses until November 1st.

3 photos in a film strip frame. Photo 1: neon sign of "where the magic happens" on a faux grass wall with a fall color floral arrangement and a human like pink bunny statue bent over in front. Photo 2: a girl in a brown jacket and pants holding a cocktail glass sitting on a pink bench with pumpkins in the foreground. Photo 3: A human like pink bunny statue sitting down with pumpkins

Sips and Screams: Food and Drinks Review

NGL we did not expect much of the food. We thought it was going to be typical Instagram-bar food - visually appealing but lacking in flavor. We were quite pleasingly surprised. 🤯😋

We did a “breakfast-for-dinner” vibe and got their iconic Pink AF Pancake Stack plus the Fried Chicken Box. Both were quite flavorful and enough to feed 2, 3, maybe even 4 people.

For dessert, we had two of the Halloween specials, the Skull Smash Cupcake and the Flaming Pumpkin. Sure, they're a tad bougie on the price scale, but the Flaming Pumpkin is like paying for a mini firework show (hello, TikTok gold). But, and here's the plot twist, the star of the show wasn't the fiery pumpkin; it was the Doctor Death cocktail. It comes in two 10oz I.V. bags and was surprisingly smooth and delicious – we'd definitely order it again. 🍸💀

Three photos in a film frame. Photo 1: A stack of pink pancakes with pink cotton candy on top on a pink cake stand. Photo 2: Two IV drip bags with a red cocktail inside being poured by a girl into two cups with lime. Photo 3: A edible skill atop a cheescake cupcake with pink icing that looks like blood

Spooky in Pink: Where they Rate on the Halloween Ambiance Scale

There’s a reason this place snagged a spot on our Halloween brunch hit list. The vibe might not give off spooktacular chills (try these spots), but it's the go-to joint for hanging with your squad, snapping Insta-worthy shots, and sipping on killer drinks.

Now, the Pink Pumpkin Patch? It's not exactly a pumpkin patch – more like a pink-tastic photo op with painted pumpkins throughout. Which is cute and all, but their themed grub and drinks are the Halloween game-changers here. It's brunch goals for sure, but don’t limit yourself to just the daytime hours. They're throwing a Halloween Weekend Party! 🎃🍹🎉

A flyer for Magic Hour Halloween Weekend that notes "Saturday October 28th, doors at 10pm, sounds by alex lake

Whether you're seeking a dazzling spot for brunch with your ghoul gang or looking to immerse yourself in the nighttime revelry of a Halloween Weekend Party, Magic Hour is delivering the enchantment. In a city renowned for its multitude of Halloween attractions, the "Pink Pumpkin Patch" at Magic Hour emerges as a shining pink gem, adding a distinct millennial take on New York's spirited Halloween season.

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