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The 10 Best Fall Day Trips From NYC

These day trips from NYC are just a quick drive or train ride away and will satisfy all of your fall desires.

Well, well, well, my fellow lovers of autumnal rendezvous, it is finally time for the plaids and sweaters to make their way back into your rotation. Though there are many things to do in NYC during autumn, there’s something about the falling leaves and cooler breeze that just makes you want to get away and unwind. Here are our top ten picks for fall day trip escapes from the city that never sleeps.

a building on Princeton university's campus with orange and yellow trees in the foreground
Photo Courtesy of Princeton University

1. Hudson Valley

Head north to Hudson Valley and revel in the region's stunning foliage. Explore charming towns, take a tour of the Rockefeller Estate, Kykuit, or immerse yourself in art and nature at Storm King Arts Center.

2. The Hamptons

Experience the elegance of the Hamptons in the off-season. Enjoy peaceful beaches, stroll through charming villages, and savor local cuisine minus the summer crowds.

3. Princeton, New Jersey

Visit the picturesque town of Princeton and explore the historic campus of Princeton University, surrounded by tree-lined streets and scenic gardens.

4. Delaware Water Gap

Venture to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area for hiking, kayaking, and breathtaking fall vistas along the Delaware River.

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A short train ride away, Philly offers historic sites, vibrant neighborhoods, and fall festivals, including the renowned Philadelphia Film Festival.

6. New Paltz

This college town near the Shawangunk Mountains offers hiking opportunities, apple picking, and a chance to explore quirky shops and cafes.

7. Greenwich, Connecticut

Experience small-town charm with a visit to Greenwich, known for its beautiful waterfront, historic sites, and vibrant arts scene.

8. North Fork, Long Island

Discover the North Fork's wineries, pumpkin patches, and scenic landscapes. Take a relaxing day to explore the countryside and sample local wines.

9. Saratoga Springs

Stroll through charming downtown streets, enjoy a spa day, try local brews, or go for a fall foliage hike, Saratoga Springs is the perfect blend of leisure and exploration.

10. Poconos, Pennsylvania

Pristine natural beauty, outdoor adventures, and cozy mountain resorts provide a tranquil escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

And thus, dear adventurers and seekers of all things splendidly fall, our whirlwind tour of autumn's most exquisite getaways comes to an end. Remember to check the availability and opening hours of attractions and destinations, and consider the best transportation options for your chosen day trip. Embrace the crisp fall air and the vibrant colors of the season as you explore these delightful fall day trips from NYC!

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